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Steel Window Restoration

Restoration of steel windows can many times be the correct solution for your needs, steel maintains its structural stability, provides minimal sightlines and maintains your historical and architectural integrity.

Restoration is the “greenest” method of addressing window deterioration by reuse of existing windows you are reducing the waste stream to your local landfill and required energy of production, transportation and installation of a new product.

We partner with owners, architects, developers and contractors, to provide full service, professional restoration solutions to meet your requirements through planning, design & construction.

  • On-site removal

  • Asbestos & Lead abatement (when needed)

  • Removal of existing glass and hardware

  • Removal of existing finish

    • Sandblasting

    • Stripping

  • Repair of main frame & sash

  • Hardware cleaning or replacement

  • Finish applications

    • Wet Coating

    • Powder Coating

  • Reassembly of restored components

  • Reinstallation of glass

    • Putty-glazed

    • Sealant glazing with glass stops

  • Installation of weathering to reduce air infiltration

  • On-site re-installation

  • Warranty

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Steel Window Restoration


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