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Who We Are

Our Vision

Providing professional environmental & construction solutions to serve our customers through education, teamwork, continuous improvement, accountability, encouragement of creativity, to insure success of all stakeholders.

Who We Are

Bockmann Inc. is a professional remediation service provider in Lincoln, Nebraska, serving the Midwest.   The Company offers a wide range of services including environmental remediation, inspection and testing services, pipeline coating removal, and steel window restoration.  By providing reliable services, Bockmann Inc. can support your indoor air quality problems and conduct building inspections meeting your regulatory needs.  Servicing the gas line industry for over a decade, positions Bockmann Inc. as a leader in the removal of asbestos/PCB containing pipeline coatings in over 10 states.  Operating as an asbestos and lead based paint abatement contractor affords us the skill set to work in the preservation industry with particular attention to the restoration of steel windows.  Currently, Bockmann Inc. offers services to facility directors, developers, hospitals, schools, government, institutions, pharmaceuticals, and gas/electric companies.

The Bockmann team offers over 30 years of regulation knowledge, work experience and expertise.  Education is a core value of the company.  Along with their sister company, Educational Institute, Bockmann provides consistent knowledge and guidance in the environmental industry.  The company’s work can be found in many places including the construction industry, utility plants, oil and gas pipeline, government agencies, education, institutions, health care, manufacturing, gun ranges, preservation industry, commercial buildings and homes. 

Our History

Albert  A. Leupold founded Asbestos Removers in 1983. His diverse background enabled the company to provide clients with quality knowledge and experience.

In 1983 asbestos removal was in its infancy stages. Few guidance documents were available and it was apparent that new technology was needed in order to provide a safe working environment. During the 1980's Asbestos Removers established a core group of professionals who were dedicated to providing clients with quality service. Using state-of-the-art techniques, Asbestos Removers positioned itself as the leader of the asbestos abatement industry in Nebraska and surrounding states.

In 1990, Asbestos Removers merged with Airtight Hazardous Waste from Omaha, allowing for an expanded portfolio of services. 


In the early 1990s a lead base paint division was created for the removal in industrial settings and in 1997, restoration of plaster walls was added.  The similarities between the asbestos and lead regulations made lead removal a perfect fit. Historical projects were of great interest, and the company focused on developing a removal process which would ensure original preservation.

 While performing lead paint removal, it was discovered that the brick mortar was in need of repair once the lead paint was removed.  The company expanded their services to provide tuckpointing which allowed for a full-service approach.

In 1995 the company expanded into the pipeline and PCB coating removal industry.

In 1997 the company dedicated great efforts to studying microbial contamination, offering mold investigation and remediation services. Through trained professionals, with mold investigations and assessments the company has aided clients in solving their indoor air quality problems. Strict remediation procedures were developed to ensure the health and safety of all building occupants.

In 2018 the company introduced restoration services for steel windows.


In 2004, to encompas the added services, the company changed it's name to Bockmann, Inc.  

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